Solarfly's Star Citizen 2.6-MFD Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS Profile

2017-11-24 Profile for 3.0 PTU is feverishly IN PROGRESS! Click Here to follow along with 3.0 development.

NEWS FLASH 2017-05-21 4:05AM - Bugfix

Fixed T.Flight Rudder strafe problem.


Changes in 2.6

Bugs Encountered that are CIGs

Happy New Year!

New Pilot Training Video for 2.1!

Community Feedback

I watch Reddit (/u/solarfly73) and the Forum thread routinely. Discussions: RSI Spectrum

Thank you all who have sent me your kind words and thanks. I feel really good knowing that my work has improved the fun and enjoyment of Star Citizen for others. A few times I've been asked to put up a donation link. While I expect nothing, if words just aren't enough you may pledge $1.00 for each major profile update or video. In return, I have set two goals for video instruction using the Solarfly profile!

Control Layout

Controls affected by a toggle are both labeled and color-coded.

MFDs are optional. You must edit pilot_settings.tmh in TARGET Script and set USEMFD to 1.

Chronomuffin (StarCitizen, digital_alchemy on reddit) created this awesome MFD Left Insert, which can be printed to size and put with your Cougar MFD.

Instructions, Tips, Tricks


Happy hunting!