Solarfly's Star Citizen 3.0-PTU Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS Profile

2017-11-24 Profile for 3.0 PTU is feverishly IN PROGRESS!

I am actively coding and keeping this page up to date with my development progress. There's a thread on Reddit below, which you can use to interact with the process and help me out if you like.



Reddit 3.0 Thread

What I'm Doing Right Now

12-04-2017 6:00 to 9:00PM PST
Streaming on twitch 6-9 PM Solarfly

12-03-2017 9:30 to midnight PST
Streaming on twitch until I pass out tonight Solarfly

12-04-2017 8:48PM


11-27-2017 Update 8:38 PM

I'm back at it! Hopefully the PTU cooperates.

11-27-2017 Update 1:52 AM

I'm going to bed. Everything is still changing and this won't last past tomorrow, and I won't support this and will ignore you if you ask for help, so use at your own peril :)

11-26-2017 Update 9:30 PM

  1. Finished View controls and Inner Thought interaction support!
  2. Working now on Navigation, specifically the Throttle modes.

11-25-2017 Update 9:45 PM

See "Changes in 3.0" below.

11-25-2017 Update 12:40 AM

  1. Still working through the new mapping in 3.0, most of the solarfly_mapping.tmh file updated with reasonable bindings
  2. The 2.6 XML is really broken, about half way through getting that in sync with the new bindings. Lots of L_CTRL stuff that shouldn't be there.
  3. Eliminated the old HUD bindings, updated Radar and Landing modes. MFDs look buggy

Changes in 3.0_3_PTU

  1. Fuel Economy Switch - will disable Boost, so that if you use SPDB for afterburners, it will not automatically apply boost based on your throttle position; your afterburners will still only kick in once you're near full throttle.
  2. Boost is ALWAYS applied now with brakes but this is CIG's bug, not my design. When they fix the bug, my old design of selectively and intelligently applying boost will work again.
  3. Missile Lock, Missile Fire, Group 3 moved to S4 (Red button on joystick)
  4. Cycle Countermeasures moved to S1 (index finger on side of joystick)
  5. Quantum Engage short-press on LTB. Quantum-Clear/Show on LTB Long-press (throttle)
  6. Toggle Lead/Lag Pip Target Reticule on China Hat Forward short. Toggle ESP on China Hat forward long.
  7. Tested all enemy/friendly targeting in Arena Commander Vanduul and it's working
  8. Fire Weapon Group 2 moved to H4P (thumb, where the shields are; used to be Reset Shields). This is either Weapon group 1 or 2, depending on RDR ALTM position.
  9. Center Shields/Reset either moving to ENGOPERIGN or LTB (the red button on throttle)
  10. All of the HUD interaction and MFD panel interaction modes (using PSB pinky and EAC) are obsolete in 3.0.
  11. View mode now triggered by PSB (pinky switch back), uses DirectX control
  12. Inner Thoughts interactive mode is done by flipping up EAC-ARM, mapped to DirectX
  13. View around the cockpit is now Pinky Switch Back (PSB) and the Joystick axes control looking around. Flight is disabled in this mode (this is CIG's design)
  14. Hat1 is still used for view.
  15. Hat2 (rook) Up and Down are Zoom In/Zoom Out
  16. Hat2 (root) Left is target pinned, Right is Cycle All
  17. You can also use the Joystick axes to look around in Inner Thought Mode. Use H4P (joystick thumb down) to select something.
  18. Views controled by the joystick now while in View/Innerthoughts mode. This is CIG default, and not bad, but unfortunately I think it's a bug to disable view when in flight, bug filed. Still need to address sensitivity.
  19. Quantum Engage short-press on LTB. Quantum-Clear/Show on LTB Long-press (throttle)
  20. Toggle Lead/Lag Pip Target Reticule on China Hat Forward short. Toggle ESP on China Hat forward long.
  21. Tested all enemy/friendly targeting in Arena Commander Vanduul and it's working

Fixes and CIG BUGS

  1. View controls debugged, no longer trigger strafes.
  2. Afterburner no longer triggered from the MSB.
  3. Coupled flight working now as expected (decoupled flight still weird)
  4. All power distribution controls are pretty broken
  5. Lots of view/Inner Thought interface bugs
  6. Brakes always apply Boost

New Pilot Training Video for 2.1!

Community Feedback

I watch Reddit (/u/solarfly73) and the Forum thread routinely. Discussions: RSI Spectrum

Thank you all who have sent me your kind words and thanks. I feel really good knowing that my work has improved the fun and enjoyment of Star Citizen for others. A few times I've been asked to put up a donation link. While I expect nothing, if words just aren't enough you may pledge $1.00 for each major profile update or video. In return, I have set two goals for video instruction using the Solarfly profile!

Control Layout

Controls affected by a toggle are both labeled and color-coded.

MFDs are optional. You must edit pilot_settings.tmh in TARGET Script and set USEMFD to 1.

Chronomuffin (StarCitizen, digital_alchemy on reddit) created this awesome MFD Left Insert, which can be printed to size and put with your Cougar MFD.

Instructions, Tips, Tricks


Happy hunting!